I teach the following courses at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor:

POSC 385: Contemporary Political Theory: Politics from the Margins

POSC 389 (now POSC 379): “Empire of Liberty”: The Politics of US Colonialism (meets-together with American Culture 345)

POSC 409: 20th Century Political Thought (undergraduate writing intensive)

POSC 688: Postcolonial Political Theory (graduate seminar)

POSC 688: Race and Colony in Modern Political Thought (graduate seminar)

POSC 688: Critique and Critical Theory from Kant to Foucault (graduate seminar)

POSC 602: Political Thought to Early Modern (graduate seminar)

POSC 609: 20th Century Political Thought: Critical Theories (graduate seminar)

I taught the following courses at the University of Minnesota as a grad student and post-graduate instructor:

Revolution, Democracy, Empire: Modern Political Theory

Democracy and Citizenship

Political Ideas and Ideologies

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